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Document Management

World Class Document Management Solutions!


DocuClass™ is a process-oriented document management software solution designed to organize, distribute, standardize, and control how documents are managed within your business environment, thereby streamlining your business processes.


DocuClass™ was developed to provide the maximum versatility and flexibility in any application. Businesses face a wide range of issues and challenges that cannot be addressed by a fixed, inflexible solution. DocuClass is designed to mold itself around any process and organizational environment.


With DocuClass™ as a Service (Daas) you can experience all of the powerful features from DocuClass Enterprise without having to make large capital and IT-related expenditures. Now you can simply upload all of your documents to your very own "cloud", where you can then securely retrieve and work with your critical information using a web browser. Daas offers all of this without the need to install, maintain and upgrade server software, and its robust document repository allows for global availability of your documents in a secure environment.

Document Management
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