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Data Secure Backup Services

The Easiest, Fastest, and Safest Way to Reliably Backup all of Your Important Information.


Never Worry About Losing Critical Data Again!


Data Secure Backup is an automated data backup and restore system providing powerful tools to protect your organization's data. Unlike traditional data backup services tools, Data Secure Backup does not require any human assistance beyond the initial installation and setup. There is no media to install, remove, protect, or replace. Data Secure Backup is highly secure and only you have access to your data. Data Secure Backup protects you from silent data corruption. Data Secure Backup is simple, safe, and secure!

Your data is digitally signed, encrypted, and then encoded for redundancy to protect against silent data corruption.


Your valuable data is encrypted and stored at an eFolder secure data center. Without your password and pass phrase, no one else can read or use your confidential information. Not even the staff at eFolder.

Data Backup
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